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Ava Marchido

Goalkeeper • 3.76 GPA • Class of 2024

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Dunedin Highschool
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Dunedin, FL
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December 6, 2005
Personal Statement

During one of my recent games, which was roughly a three-hour drive from home, my car broke down on the side of I-75. It was only my mom and I, we didn’t know what to do, so we called for help. By the time another parent was able to rescue and bring us to the game, it was less than five minutes until kickoff. We only had 10 girls going to this match, so we were very short handed. I quickly started to warm up as I watched my team kickoff with 9 girls on the pitch. I quickly threw a penny on over my pink keeper shirt and went on as a striker. Prior to this, I only played on the field a handful of times when I was younger. Needless to say, I felt very uncomfortable on the feild but I felt no hesitation to put my teammates ahead of myself. I will do my best to fill any roll to help my team. I will always have a high desire to take risks and step out of my comfort zone for the better.


U19 ECNLR Chargers 05/04
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196 LBS
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Private Goalkeeper Training

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  • Webber College ID Camp

    May 28, 2023

    Event Location
    1201 N. Scenic Highway Babson Park
    Event URL
    Visit URL
  • 4A District Champions

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    Dunedin High Varsity Soccer won Districts in 2023 ending the season with a 13-5-2 record.
  • Girls Soccer: Pinellas County Player Of The Week

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    Won Pinellas County Player of the week due to "4 saves and posted consecutive shutouts in wins over Hudson and Gulf to lead the Falcons to Hold the District Title."
  • Defensive Award

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    Won a defensive award for highest defensive stats on team (Basketball)
  • Principals List

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    Given to students who earned A's in all classes for one quarter
  • Student of the Week

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    Nominated by teacher because I was a rolemodel

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Marco Pollastri
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[email protected]
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Siggi Nagele
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[email protected]
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Christina Ingardia
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[email protected]
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