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Brodin Andrae

Center Back/Outside Back • 3.80 GPA • Class of 2024

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Lely High School
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Naples, FL
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March 8, 2006
Personal Statement

I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old. I have always had a strong passion for the game. When I was 10 years old, I took a short break to explore other sports, but came right back to soccer. In the 8th grade I joined a competitive academy level team. This allowed me to expand my knowledge of the game and become a better player. My first club season was cut short due to COVID, I used this time to practice in my yard to become better and stay fit. My freshman year I played both club soccer and for my high school. I made the junior varsity team and got moved up to varsity when it was time for playoffs. Ever since then I have been on the varsity team and this year, I made captain. My goal has always been to play soccer at the next level. As I mentioned earlier, I have a strong passion for the game. I made sure to always be early to practice, attend every game and work hard. Off the field, I maintain a 3.8 GPA, hold a part-time job, and help at home with chores and driving my siblings around. Within my first two months of starting my job I was recognized as a leader and was training new employees. I want to go to college to pursue my dreams and get a great job in finance. My parents went to college, but they did not have many opportunities like I do. I want to make my parents and family proud by going to college to show that I care about them and thank them for everything that they have done for me for the last 17 years.


Azzurri Storm
Jersey Number
Dominant Foot
188 LBS
Additional Training

Weight training class 5x a week focusing on upper and lower body, core and cardio - 3x a week running on own 2-3 miles - Every Monday I do speed and agility training.

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  • Robbie Schank


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    Reference Testimonial
    Coach Schank has been coaching at Lely High School for over 28 years and he has a lot of experience in the game. He has helped me not only become a better soccer player but also a better person. Joining the school soccer team allowed me to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Johnathon Marquez


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    (417)617- 7806
    Reference Testimonial
    Coach Johnathon is a former professional soccer player and is one of my former club coaches and he has watched me grow throughout my soccer journey and has helped me become the player and person I am today.
  • Madison Squeglia


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    Reference Testimonial
    Ms. Squeglia is one of the athletic managers at my high school and she is very involved in the soccer program. She makes sure than my teammates and I are doing our part in the classroom by making sure that all of us have our assignments turned in.
  • Devery Harper


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    (239)438- 7502
  • Honor Roll

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    I have been on the honor roll every year that I have been in high school.
  • Naples Daily News All-Area Boys soccer team

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    In 2023 I was named in the Honorable Mentions of the Naples Daily News All-Area boys soccer team.
  • Captain of my Highschool team

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    This season I was named as one of two of the captains on my high school soccer team. I achieved this by being dedicated and a good player on the team.
  • Captain of my club team

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    In 2021 I was named as the captain of my club team. I earned this by being a leader and my longevity with the team.

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Nader Soliman
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[email protected]
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Katie Andrae
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[email protected]
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Neal Andrae
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[email protected]
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