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Caitlyn Balbach

Outside Back/Center Back • 4.00 GPA • Class of 2024

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Western High School
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Davie, FL
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September 16, 2005
Personal Statement

--For as long as I remember, soccer has been one of the most influential and prominent parts of my life. Not only has it allowed me to discover my true self, but it also constantly pushes me to be the foremost version of myself. Having immense passion and determination in the sport, I strive to become a part of a collegiate team. Recognizing my own strengths and weaknesses is what guides me most to formulate my weekly training plans. Incorporating agility and stamina, while also keeping my touches consistent with technical training is most efficient. My work ethic in school as a Straight-A student in the top 0.8% of my class mirrors onto my soccer schedule as time management, determination, and productivity are crucial contributors. Although I have endured numerous injuries over the years, my mind has grown stronger and more competitive every time. Besides achieving my athletic dreams, one of my major aims is to make a difference in the world through social and environmental advancement. To depict, I am extremely passionate about the environment and I will continue to educate others on the importance of biodiversity, and conservation efforts globally. Additionally, contributing to women's shelters and giving voices to those who are overlooked is exceedingly salient to me. Being kind and empowering others not only reflects on a person's state of mind, but it also reveals their self-love and acceptance. As a defender, I am constantly guiding and empowering my teammates on the field. When I'm not distributing the ball or making runs for my midfielders, I am maintaining the competitive, yet powerful atmosphere that is created by playing soccer. My idea of success involves factors of strength, determination, activism, and education. Life is the best teacher and challenger of all.


Sunrise Sting 05
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Dominant Foot
120 LBS
Additional Training

Weekly Schedule: - Club training 3-4x - Speed and Agility 2x -Gym + Weights 2x -Sprinting and Endurance 2x -Private training 1x

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Caue Munareti
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Siggi Nagele
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George Balbach
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Barri Balbach
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