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Connor Rees

Center Back/Defensive Mid • 3.91 GPA • Class of 2024

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Gateway High School
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Fort Myers, FL
Intended Major

Exercise Science & Kinesiology

January 27, 2006
Personal Statement

Growing up, soccer has always been my passion. So much so that I somehow always found a ball at my foot. This relationship and attachment to this sport has evolved me not only as a person, but as a teammate, a brother, and a son. It has taught me so many meaningful life lessons that without it I wouldn’t be the same person as I am today. So many days of hard work and practice let my competitive spirit, leadership, and determination come to light. And without the role models, I met playing soccer(Parents, players, and all) I would no longer be in such a position where I can influence my community by playing the sport that I love most. Soccer has truly engulfed my life. And because of the sport, I am looking to pursue the dream my younger self had, playing soccer and studying sport at the collegiate level. I am interested in majoring in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. This is because of my eagerness to help my peers and loved ones with their needs off the field, and also from my competitiveness to also try to gain an edge on the field with knowledge about my body that not many others have. This major is very rigorous, but I am already challenging myself in my current school. I am enrolled in Dual Enrollment and am on track to receive my AICE Diploma before graduation. I push myself in the classroom, just as I would on the field. Therefore I believe I am ready to take the next step in my athletic and academic career in college.


Azzurri Storm 05/06 Boys Premier
Jersey Number
Dominant Foot
190 LBS
Mile Time
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Additional Training

3x per week: Speed Work (Sprints, Plyometrics) 1-2x per week: Conditioning (Long Distance, High Speed Endurance) 3x per week: Weight Training (Push, Pull, Legs)

  • 22-23 Club Highlights

    Open Video

    Link to my video recording account where my club games can be found.

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  • Florida Southern May ID Camp

    May 21, 2023

    Event Location
    111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr, Lakeland, FL 33801
    Event Information
    ID Camp at Florida Southern College from 8am-4pm.
  • Disney Memorial Day Showcase

    May 27, 2023

    Event Location
    700 S Victory Way, Orlando, FL 34747
    Event URL
    Visit URL
    Event Information
    Saturday, May 27: vs. ASMST Miami Stars Soccer Milan De Miami Field #9 @11:30am vs. ASWPU West Pines United FC 2006 Premier Field #27 @7pm Sunday, May 28: vs. ASMST Miami Stars Soccer Miami Vipers Field #7 @2:30 pm Monday, May 29: vs. TBD
  • Varsity Starter

    Year Achieved: 2020

    Accolade Description
    I have been a varsity starter all 4 years of HighSchool
  • Varsity Captain

    Year Achieved: 2020

    Accolade Description
    I have been a varsity Captain for Gateway HighSchool for all 4 years of Highschool
  • Highschool MVP

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    MVP for leading on and off the field and having the best defensive season in the school's first soccer season in history.
  • Orlando City Cup Champion

    Year Achieved: 2022

  • Class 3A District Runner Up

    Year Achieved: 2020

    Accolade Description
    1-0 Loss versus Bishop Verot. At Gateway Charter, 7 varsity appearances as an 8th grader.
  • National Honor Society Inductee

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I have been a part of the NHS Club doing volunteer work inside and outside of school to better my community and school spirit. I have been a member since my sophomore year.
  • Highest GPA in Highschool Sports

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    I received this award for having a 4.99 GPA, the highest of all other athletes.
  • Highest GPA in Highschool Sports

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I received this award for having the highest GPA of all other athletes at my school
  • Magna Cum Laude

    Year Achieved: 2022

  • Eagle Award Nominee(Best Student Athlete In Sports)

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    I achieved this award after leading my team as a varsity captain in the school's best season in history (11-5-4) while volunteering with the NHS club, taking Dual Enrollment Classes at FSW, and maintaining a 4.99 GPA(Highest of all Athletes)

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Dayne Atkinson
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[email protected]
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Siggi Nagele
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[email protected]
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Marisa Rees
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[email protected]
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Brady Rees
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[email protected]
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