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Julian Stanish

Attacking Mid/Forward • 3.70 GPA • Class of 2024

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Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory
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Hollywood, FL
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September 4, 2005
Personal Statement

Julian Stanish stands for something more than just a player on the field competing with thousands of other female athletes. Having played soccer for almost 13 years, I have always dreamed of becoming something more on and off the field. I attend Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory, where I have maintained a weighted 4.0 GPA since freshman year. I also have 356 service hours where I have volunteered at numerous places trying to give back everything I can to the community. I am currently taking one AP class, three Honors Classes and one Dual Enrollment class for the 2022-2023 school year. My coaches have nominated me for Student Aces Leadership Retreats which I have been attending since freshman year. I was also nominated for Miami Herald Soccer Player for the Week and won with over 5,000 votes. Ever since I was younger, growing up with three older brothers, I never thought that I would’ve been much of a leader to anyone. My values and expectations, that I’ve found and learned from people leading me throughout life, have made me the person I am today. With discipline, self-respect, and motivation it’s been a long journey of training multiple times a day for years to help prepare me for my next step wherever it might take me.


Sunrise Sting
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130 LBS
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Private training 2 times a week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Speed and agility training once a week on Fridays or Sundays. Club practice 4 times a week for two different leagues. Long runs 3-5 miles at least once a week or a recovery run after heavy load weekends.

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  • Mr. Steve Terry


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    954.989.5150 ext 119
    Reference Testimonial
    To Whom It May Concern, Regarding the Character of Julian Stanish. I have known Julian through my work at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School in Hollywood, Florida. Julian is a remarkable young woman who is obviously talented and athletic in her athletic endeavors. But more than that, Julian is dedicated, focused, self-motivated and a tremendously hard worker at all that she undertakes. She works just as hard at her studies as she does on the field. She is also a leader that works at leading by example and effort. She is kind, intelligent, creative, and dependable. I cannot commend or recommend her enough. If you would like to talk more about Julian and her character, please contact me. "
  • Adalberto Jordan


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Testimonial
    I am writing on behalf of Julian Stanish, whom I have the pleasure to coach at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory in Hollywood, Florida. This is my first year at Chaminade-Madonna after 15 years at St. Brendan High School in Miami and 10 years coaching club soccer at West Kendall in Miami. Julian, a junior who plays attacking mid for our team, is a technically gifted player. She can dribble with both feet, has an excellent first touch, and can play long balls in the air when necessary. She leads the team in scoring with 10 goals and 6 assists in the 9 games she has played, and she has scored against some of the good teams we have played (Pine Crest and Ransom Everglades). She is also quick and, given her cross-country training, never gets tired. When necessary, she can play the physical game, and she is "soccer smart." As an indicator of her abilities, she won the Miami Herald's player of the week award this season for her great and consistent play. But her skills are not the whole story. Julian is a natural team leader, and as a result I named her as one of our captains. She is always striving to make her teammates better, and consistently has an encouraging word for others when things are not going well. In addition, she is unselfish. For example, she has volunteered to play as a central defender when we have been short due to injuries and absences, and I have used her in that position several times. She is, in other words, versatile, and I think she can play anywhere on the field, including defensive mid, outside mid, and fullback. Based upon all of players I have seen and coached over the last 25 years, I am sure that Julian can play soccer at the collegiate level and excel. If I were a college coach, I would love to have her on my team. If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to write me at [email protected] Sincerely, Adalberto Jordan Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory"
  • Female Athlete of the year

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I achieved Female Athlete of the year award for participating in three different sports in high school and helping my teams reach bigger goals.
  • Soccer Coaches Award

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I achieved the Coaches Award for soccer for helping my coach and leading my team as a captain starting my freshman year.
  • Cross Country Coaches Award

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I achieved the Coaches Award for cross country during my freshman year for leading the girls team throughout the season and my hard work ethic and passion to never give up.
  • Track Coaches Award

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    I achieved the Coaches Award for track for being at every practice, working hard to get my times down and helping my coach lead warm ups and stretches.
  • 23 Miami Herald soccer player of the week

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    I achieved this award with help from my coach for supporting my team and being the #1 goal scorer in the team.
  • 23 Named as Honorable Mentions for all Broward County by Herald sports for Cross Country

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    I achieved this award for making personal bests every meet while qualifying for regionals and making it to states as an individual runner.
  • Broward County Second team

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    I achieved this award for the number of goals scored for my team and my character on and off the field.

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Gui Gui Ferreira
Coach Email
[email protected]
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(954) 822-6950
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Siggi Nagele
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[email protected]
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Parent 1 Name
Jennifer Stanish
Parent 1 Email
[email protected]
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Parent 2 Name
Dane Stanish
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[email protected]
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