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Nathan Moreau

Forward/Attacking Mid • 3.10 GPA • Class of 2024

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South Plantation High School
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Plantation, FL
Intended Major

Computer Science

August 9, 2006
Personal Statement

I have been described as a quiet, introverted kid, but on the soccer field, I come alive! I would love to turn my raw skills into a great player. I am looking for the right college and coach to see something in me worth developing.


Parkland Soccer 2005/2006 Boys ECNL
Jersey Number
Dominant Foot
161 LBS
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Private Training
Small Group Training

  • January ID Camp

  • SPHS Soccer

  • One-on-One Training

  • ID Camps

  • Sarasota Tournament 2022

  • Sunshine Elite U15 Boys soccer team shines on the pitch with 4-1 triumph

  • League Game against FL Premier

    March 2, 2024

    Event Location
    Terramar Park field D
  • League Game against FL West

    March 3, 2024

    Event Location
    Terramar Park field D
  • Coach Marin


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
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    Reference Testimonial
    To whom it may concern,
    I have had the privilege of being Nathan’s School Resource Officer (SRO) and soccer coach for the past three years. During that time I have seen
    Nathan grow into a great young man. As both his coach and SRO, the most rewarding aspect is seeing that transition from teenager/boy to a man.

    Nathan is a man of character, intellect, and is very respectful. One of Nathan’s best qualities though is his drive and determination. Nathan expects nothing but damn near perfection for himself in every aspect of his life, especially on the field. That drive cannot be taught and quite frankly, most kids/young adults of this generation lack it, but not Nathan. Any task that is set out for him is always accomplished. Wherever Nathan decides to go in life, he will fit right in and exceed expectations.

    Coach Johanz Marin.
  • Rodney Hankins, Jr.


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
  • Iris P. Connery


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
    Reference Testimonial
    Mrs. Iris P. Connery
    8661 NW 27 th Place
    Sunrise, FL 33322
    (954) 683-5462
    [email protected]

    To Whom It May Concern:

    It is my great pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Nathan Moreau. I
    have had the pleasure of knowing Nathan since 2016; I worked with his mother. I stay connected with Nathan to see how he is doing in school and on the soccer field since I retiring. Now, on a personal level, I gotten to know Nathan, because his mom would bring him school with her, on planning days and during the summers. I was the Office Manager. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Nathan, and sincerely belief he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to the soccer field. I cannot thoroughly express through this letter what I think of him as a person and his passion to be on the soccer field, but I can write I am immensely proud of him.

    In High School Nathan completed some of his voluntary hours at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Montessori Academy (Dr. MLK); I was the Office Manager at the time. He was an indefatigable and a naturally warm person to work with and love of playing soccer. During my relationship with Nathan and his mother I have experienced an individual who works hard, carries himself in a polite, respectable manner, and is a devout student who has always presented with levelheadedness and grace.

    I have no reservation whatsoever in giving Mr. Moreau an extremely high rating, as a student, a
    potential soccer player, and a person. With his strong moral character, and clear sense of purpose, I think he would be a valuable addition to any College on the Soccer Field. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Mrs. Iris P. Connery
    Retired Office Manager Confidential
    With the Broward County School Board
  • Mitshuca B. Parent


    Reference Email
    [email protected]
    Reference Phone
  • Weston Cup Champion

    Year Achieved: 2024

  • West Pines Champions in Miami

    Year Achieved: 2018

    Accolade Description
    We won first place in the soccer tournament.
  • Weston Cup Champions

    Year Achieved: 2019

    Accolade Description
    Champions of Weston Cup three years from 2017 to 2019
  • Principal's Honor Roll

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    I received straight A's the first quarter of my junior year and had breakfast with the principal

    Year Achieved: 2023

  • SNAP Raise

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    Team Fundraiser for equipment. I was able to raise the full amount and earned the family name banner on the fence for the soccer season.
  • High School Starter

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    This is my third year playing varsity soccer at South Plantation High School.

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Robens Dechius
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Siggi Nagele
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[email protected]
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Mitshuca Parent
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Patrick Moreau
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