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Sebastian Mendez

Center Back/Outside Back • 3.70 GPA • Class of 2025

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Spanish River High School
SAT Score
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Delray Beach, FL
Intended Major

Sports Management

March 30, 2007
Personal Statement

Hi, my name is Sebastian Mendez I am 16 years old going into my Junior year. I have Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, and American (USA) nationality. Currently as a player I want to get to my top potential and showcase myself to Coaches and Players from all over. My future goals would be to get opportunities to hopefully go to college and keep on playing soccer at the highest level possible whether it is College Soccer or Professional.


Parkland Soccer ECNL 2007
Jersey Number
Dominant Foot
130 LBS
Additional Info and Stats

8 Clean Sheets 2022/2023 Ecnl Season

  • Spanish River Varsity

  • Parkland Ecnl 2007

  • Parkland UPSL

  • High School Player of the Game 2021/2022 and 2022/2023

  • Recognized in Article

  • Fabulous Freshman 2021/2022 season

  • ECNL Playoffs

    June 25, 2023

    Event Location
    Greensboro, NC
    Event Information
    Qualified for ECNL Playoffs
  • NPL Southeast Regional Champions

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    My team and I won the Southeast Regionals in North Carolina in 2021 to qualify for Nationals
  • ECNLR Champions

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    My team and I won the 2021/2022 ECNLR Florida Conference while losing only one game
  • Florida ECNL Showcase Undefeated and 0 goals conceded

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    My team and I were able to be the third best overall team at 2023 Florida Ecnl Showcase
  • 6 Player of the Matches in High School

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    Throughout my Freshman and Sophomore years I have received POM awards
  • Starting Center Back/Fullback

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    Regular Starter for Parkland ECNL 2007 and Parkland Soccer UPSL
  • Starter and Captain on Spanish River Varisty

    Year Achieved: 2022

    Accolade Description
    Won captain spot as a Sophomore on Spanish River Varsity
  • ESPN Disney Soccer Tournement 2021/2022 Champions

    Year Achieved: 2021

    Accolade Description
    Won Gold Division full of Mls Next and Ecnl teams.
  • ECNL Playoffs

    Year Achieved: 2023

    Accolade Description
    qualified for ECNL pLayoffs

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Coach Name
Dumel Decius
Coach Email
[email protected]
Coach Phone
Recruiting Coordinator Name
Siggi Nagele
Recruiting Coordinator Email
[email protected]
Recruiting Coordinator Phone
Parent 1 Name
George Mendez
Parent 1 Email
[email protected]
Parent 1 Phone
Parent 2 Name
Fanny Mendez
Parent 2 Email
[email protected]
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